10 Show-Stopping Talent Show Auditions That Will Drop Your Jaw For Sure

Nothing beats discovering a new talent. They bring something new to the table, and are totally unpredictable. Talent shows like The X Factor and American Idol allow us to witness those life-changing moments that make you root for that person for the rest of their career. Though the choice was tough, we have come up with our top 10 favorite talent show auditions from over the years. Do you recognize any of them?

1. Ella Henderson (The X Factor UK 2012)

2. Alex and Sierra (The X Factor USA 2013)

3. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. (America’s Got Talent 2011)

4. Carly Rose Sonenclair (The X Factor USA 2013)

5. James Arthur (The X Factor UK 2012)

6. Melanie Martinez (The Voice USA 2012)

7. Christina Grimmie (The Voice USA 2014)

8. Matt McAndrew (The Voice USA 2014)

9. Leah McFall (The Voice UK 2013)

10. Kevin Simm (The Voice UK 2016)