Fearing For Her Life, Bobby Darling Has Accused Her Husband. You Won’t Believe This.

Celebrities have always been the first to make the headlines. Some for more interesting reasons than others, and some for reasons that are downright heartbreaking. Some notable recent celebrity headlines range from shocking to amusing. One such is Pakhi Sharma, once known as Bobby Darling.

This actress has been struggling with something no woman should go through after she accused her husband, Ramnik Sharma, of domestic violence. Not only that, but she also accused her husband of unnatural sex. While that might be enough for any one person to bear, the charges against Ramnik continued to pile up as she accused him of laying claim on her possessions.

Not to mention, while all this is going down, Bobby is also struggling to press charges against her mother-in-law for dowry harassment. The actress has spoken out soundly against the whole ordeal with a shocking statement: Bobby truly and strong believes that her husband will kill her. She no longer trusts him, and doesn’t trust that he would not harm her or kill her while making it look like an accident.

She’s urged the Bhopal police to move forward with an investigation and take proper against against her husband. She has also stated that if he still loves her, then he would return both her property and her car, and allow them to have an amicable divorce. She’s looking to have a criminal investigation launched against her husband, her mother-in-law and her brother-in-law.

It’s as if the whole family is out to get her – and she can’t otherwise get them off her back. While not many women are outspoken against the abuse they suffer, Pakhi Sharma is refusing to stay quiet and refusing to allow herself to be bullied or abused. She’s even reached out to the Prime Minister about urging the police to take action.

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