Richa Chadha Is Royally Pissed At Media For Obvious Reasons. But Hey, We Get It!

When you’re an actor or an actress, you can pretty much expect that all of your privacy is going to go right out the window – especially when it comes to who you’re dating. While it might not be fair, it’s something that everyone who has even a marginal amount of fame has got to get used to.

Recently, actor Richa Chadha has come under scrutiny after her relationship with actor Ali Fazal has become public knowledge. Though she’s likely not getting much rest from all of the questions and speculating being done by media, Richa Chadha seems to have figured out that people are going to talk no matter what, so might as well give them something to talk about.

Richa Chadha Hot

Richa has been dating her co-star from Fukrey (2013) a little over a year, and has otherwise stayed quiet on her relationship. Now, though, Richa has broken her silence in order to send out strongly-worded tweets towards those who have been writing about her, non-stop.

Richa Chadha Hot

Richa has even declared that she’s pretty much settled into the idea that the media isn’t going to leave her alone – citing the fact that people are still bugging Jennifer Aniston about whether or not she’s going to have kids! Richa figures if there’s no hope of Jen, there’s no hope for her, either.

Richa Chadha Hot

Thankfully, Richa and her beau Ali are the type of laid back people just sits back and watches the conspiracy theories build themselves. After all, they don’t need to do anything at all to feed the theory wheel – everyone on Twitter will be able to do that themselves just fine!