12 Horrible Fashion Disasters Of Bollywood Divas

Our Bollywood Divas are known for their style and fashion instinct. There are some moments when our Bollywood actresses make a blunder by choosing horrible outfits. We do not know why these actresses chose such horrible outfits or who gave them advice to wear it.

If you do not believe us then check out these pictures to confirm. These Top 12 Fashion Disasters will make you feel that you are better at choosing outfits than these big stars.

1. What is wrong with Mallika Sherawat? Why is she wearing two-piece at Red Carpet?

2. Aish, can you please explain why you are wearing jacket with a gown?

3. OMG! Is Sushmita Sen a magician or what?

4. Nobody can ever beat Vidya Balan at Fashion Disaster moments

5. Well, it is an old pic of Parineeti when she had such a horrible fashion sense

6. OMG! Rani, you must change your stylist right now! what a horrible gown and such a messy makeup

7. Sonam always try something different but this time she chose something really horrible

8. Why Deepika why? are you going to attend an event or a wedding? well, we don’t even wear these kind of horrible outfits at weddings too

9. Katrina you are attending IIFA Awards not someone’s wedding! Such a horrible outfit and loud makeup

10. This is one of the mismatched outfits ever worn by Alia

11. Sonakshi why don’t you change your stylist?

12. Outfit, earrings and hairstyle Hmmm… everything is so horrible! We hope Shraddha will not make this mistake again