Why do These Cows Have Huge Holes in Their Sides?

Recently, a bizarre practice has been noticed in the farms of Switzerland that some cows there have holes. If you have seen any picture of such cow on the internet and you are wondering what this weird thing is, you are not the only one. This post will tell you about this unusual happening.

14 cows from Switzerland farms have gone through a strange process called cannulation or fistulization that involves the opening of an 8-inch hole called cannula opening which leads directly to the cow’s digestive tract. The researchers have done so to study how cows process their food. According to many animal right activists and animal lovers, this process must be painful for cows and must not be done, but the researchers have assured the world that this procedure is absolutely painless.

The process of creating a fistula surgically is called Fistulization. A fistula is defined as “an abnormal passage that leads from an abscess or hollow organ or part to the body surface or from one hollow organ or part to another and that may be surgically created to permit passage of fluids or secretions.”

Why Are There Holes In These Cows

The researchers are doing this process in order to access cow’s stomach by creating an opening, or simply a hole, on one side of a cow.

Why Are There Holes In These Cows

This is how the researchers can observe and monitor a cow’s digestive system by accessing cow’s stomach through the hole.

Why Are There Holes In These Cows

After the fitting of cannulas surgically, those cows are called cannulated cows used in this procedure.