16 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face of Earth

Have you ever thought about the things we take for granted that we use in our daily life? Technology is emerging rapidly and with the advancements of things, the old ones are getting obsolete. Just like MP3 players, electric typewriters, the VHS tape, film cameras etc, that became outmoded in the last decade, we can expect many new things that are part of our lives today to be outmoded in the coming 10 years.

What we have today in our home might be advanced in the coming years and we will almost forget about our today’s lifestyle. What if the way we pay for our coffee changes? What if the latest game console that you have today will upgrade again with more expensive version? Let’s have a look at these things that have started to gather dust on them.

#1. Digital Signature

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Just like other technologies, the digital signature might become obsolete and some better, newer technology will take its place. One of the disadvantages of e-signature is that it might not stay readable after few years unless some established standards are used.

Also, this technology costs a little more to both the sender and the recipient as they both have to buy digital certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities.

#2. Chargers

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

We are slowly getting rid of too many wires that create a mess when gathered in one place. Wireless chargers have been introduced, and with the invention of all new electronics, their charging system has also been made wireless. This will keep us from the problems like breaking of wire, the problem in the mobile jack etc.

In future, nobody will be plugging the wires into their iPhone or Androids. Yet, wireless chargers still need to be plugged into a socket, but to charge your mobile you just need to place it on a pad and in a few minutes it will be good to go.