10 Artists Who Hate Their Biggest Hits

We all get tired of hearing the same old hits, so could you imagine if you had to sing them at every concert and on every TV show? It is perfectly understandable that some artists are exasperated at the idea of singing the same old song, either because it gets extremely irritating or because they are constantly associated to that one song. Let’s just remind ourselves of who these poor singers are..

1. Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA

Admittedly, this was the last song Miley released before going over the edge. The hit, penned by Jessie J, was an instant hit, with Miley even performing it at the VMAs in 2009. At a party for Topshop that year, the DJ asked her if there were any of her songs she wanted to play, she just asked for another hit from the same year, Can’t Be Tamed, and asked him NOT to play her party hit. Although, this is not the only hit of hers that Miley hates, she also despises her hit Wrecking Ball, telling Zach Sang, “That’s something you can’t take away… swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lasts forever.” You’re telling us!

2. Madonna – Material Girl

It is one of Madonna’s biggest hits ever but it is one of the songs she performs the least. Material Girl was supposed to be “tongue-in-cheek” commentary on materialism, but this meaning was lost on mainstream listeners. Madonna absolutely hates everyone referring to her as a Material Girl, and had she known, she would have never recorded the track. That would have change pop history forever…

3. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Avril’s first single was an overnight success, but that doesn’t mean she is happy about playing it. She would love to forget about the song but her fans request the song every single time. The only thing that motivates her to perform the track on tour is seeing her fan’s excitement. She said, “Sometimes I cannot stand playing Complicated, but what makes it worth it is when I do play it the crowd gets really excited.”

4. Lorde – Royals

We do love a celebrity that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but Lorde didn’t need to give herself such harsh criticism. Royals was the song of 2013, which is staggering when you remember she was just a teen! Lorde hates her own version of the song and will only listen to covers… “I listen to people covering the song and putting their own spin on it, and I listen to it in every single form except the one I put out…and I realize that actually it sounds horrible!  It sounds like a ringtone from a 2006 Nokia!  None of the melodies are cool or good! It’s disastrous. Awful… But for some reason, in the context of the way I released it, it just worked.”

5. Lady Gaga & Beyoncé – Telephone

Don’t be afraid Little Monsters! She doesn’t hate the song, but the video itself. The video was pretty crazy, but isn’t that why we love Gaga? “I hate it so much. Beyoncé and I are great together. But there are so many effing ideas in that video. All I see in that video is my brain throbbing with ideas — and I wish I had edited myself a little bit more.”

6. Mandy Moore – Candy

This was definitely my jam back in the day! God, it was cheesy, but that’s what 90s’ pop was all about! Moore admitted that her first two albums were “awful” in 2009 and that her fans deserved more. She added that if she could, she would give a refund to all those people who bought the records! One super fan asked for their money back, and Moore was true to her word!

7. Britney Spears – Sometimes

This song isn’t Britney’s best but we still love it! Unfortunately BritBrit does not feel the same way. In 2004 she threw shade on the love song on her Onyx Hotel Tour, she said to the crowd, “I have to go? I haven’t even sung Sometimes yet! Oh God! I never liked that song anyway!”. Well now we know! Never ask her to sing that song, guys!

8. Selena Gomez – Come And Get It

It was the song that made us realize that Selena had grown up and showed a sexier side to the former Disney actress, but despite it being a huge stepping stone for the singer/actress, she isn’t such a big fan. Revealing she has a “difficult time” performing the song, she said “It’s not my song. To me, it sounds like a Rihanna reject.” Well, actually Selena, it is!

9. Kesha – Die Young

Kesha faced huge backlash after her song had to be taken off the radio following the Sandy Hook school shooting, that took place after the song’s release. She first tweeted that she didn’t want to sing those lyrics, but that she was forced to. After deleting this famous tweet, she admitted that she did have concerns about the songs lyrics as her fan base is mainly young, but that the song was about making the most of being young, and of every single moment.

10. Oasis – Wonderwall

Wonderwall was one of the British band’s greatest hits, but Liam Gallagher, one half of the Gallagher brothers, is furious that people only associate him with that song. He told MTV, “I can’t f***** stand that f****** song! Every time I have to sing it I want to gag! You go to America, and they’re like: “Are you Mr. Wonderwall?” You want to chin someone!” America, you have been warned!