Ever Imagined What $1 Can Get You Around The World?

Most of us keep track of our monthly budget, especially for grocery and food. Except for the elite class, everybody wants to cut down their list of grocery to manage their monthly budget. Still, sometimes we have to stretch the last few pennies of our salary to survive the whole month. Well, this is a very common story of everybody’s life.

What about those who love to travel and they don’t have anything to spend on their trip. Let’s say, if you can make it bear the expense of travelling only, then this post is going to help you in how to survive in other countries on just $1 USD! Isn’t is shocking? Yes, just a $1 can satisfy your hunger needs in most of the countries. This list is going to give you an idea of what you can buy in many parts of the world to eat in a buck. Here you go:

#1. Japan – A Snicker Bar

This Is What $1 Will Get You Around The World

I would suggest only the chocolate lovers who are broke should plan a trip to Japan because they are not very generous in giving their food for just $1. However, you can get a snicker bar which will add up your calories equal to a whole meal.

#2. South Korea – Famous Sushi

This Is What $1 Will Get You Around The World

Sushi-lovers, head to South Korea! As they are selling their famous sushi-esque Vegetable Kimbap Rolls for just $1. This is an awesome deal which will add some flavour to your trip to South Korea.

#3. India- A Full Lunch Meal

This Is What $1 Will Get You Around The World

India is popular for its hospitality and the hosts always make sure that their guests are happy and full at any time of the day. In this country, you can have a wholesome and delicious meal in just $1 which is not only enough for one time, rather you will have some spare meal to pack it for later.