Student Accidentally Receives £850,000 Instead Of £85. 73 Days Later, My Face Dropped.

We all know how life is when you are a student. You live off of ramen noodles and barely have enough gas to get to work. But, then the glorious day comes when your student loan check arrives. Let us be honest, you are supposed to use the money to get books and materials for school – but, money is money!

Most red-blooded, hungry students will use some of that money for ‘fun’ things. Sibongile Mani, 27, is a student in South Africa and due to a mix up got a check for £850,000 ($1.1 million) instead of her normal £85 ($110)!

With such an influx of cash, Sibongile couldn’t help but go on a shopping spree! She got herself a new Peruvian weave for £180 ($231) and a new iPhone 7. Then she decided to celebrate with whiskey, and she wasn’t about to get the cheap stuff!

No sir! She bought the £50 ($64) a bottle kind! Then she and her friends attended some exclusive parties around the country! But, as you know, all good things must end.

A deputy branch secretary from the South African Students Congress (SASCO) eventually pieced things together and reported Sibongile. The key piece of evidence was a receipt that was found at a local shop that showed a balance of £810,000 – no way a student would ever have that much money!

Sibongile had basically spent £666 ($857) each day! Once outed, Sibongile went on Facebook and posted her side of the story, she had been accused of being a thief and wanted to defend herself. Later, her Facebook page was shut down. Wonder what will happen next…

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