27 Most Expensive Official Residences Of The World Leaders Revealed

We know that every leader in the world, be it king, queen, president, politician, or an emperor is very rich, hence all of them enjoy a luxurious life in their palatial residences. Many heads of the state residences are known to us, but many among them that are pretty valuable and expensive are still not to our knowledge. Hatched, a real estate website has done its astonishing research on the most expensive head of the state residences in terms of area and value.

You will be amazed to see how beautiful their homes are. They are full of luxuries and most of them have an extraordinary architecture. Some homes look like a palace, whereas some of them are quite big that portray a big hotel. Check out below that which leader lives in the most expensive home in the world.

#27. Australia: The Lodge worth $13.8 Million

The Lodge is situated in the national capital, Canberra, Australia. It was constructed in the 1920s and has 40 rooms in total with an area of 193,750 square feet (4.4 acres). This is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. Its construction was intended as a temporary measure, to be taken by whoever was the Prime Minister “until such time as a monumental Prime Minister’s residence is constructed, and thereafter to be used for other purposes”.

The base cost of the original Prime Minister’s cottage was £25,000 and was built in 1926-1927. After the inclusion of 2.8 hectares of grounds that needed to be landscaped, a croquet lawn, a tennis court, and the furnishing of interior decoration, the eventual cost reached to £28,319.

#26. Canada: 24 Sussex Drive worth $4.3 Million

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, commonly known as 24 Sussex has been the official residence of Canada’s Prime Minister since 1951. The construction of this modest residency took place between 1866 and1868. It was first named as Gorffwysfa by the Member of Parliment Joseph Merrill Currier who commisioned the 24 Sussex in 1866 as a wedding present for his wife-to-be. After when Currier’s wife died, it was sold in 1901 to another parliament member, William Cameron Edwards in $30,000.

The large limestone structure of 24 Sussex sets on 1.6 hectares (4.0 acres). There are total four floors including the basement, connected with elevators and many staircases, featuring 35 rooms. There has been an addition of sauna and an enclosed pool, modernization of the kitchen, and windowed sunroom at the back. According to the latest news, the renovations of the 24 Sussex could take $38 million to keep it in optimal condition.