Bow and Arrow Mum Wanted For Attempted Murder – Video Goes Viral

The society for the prevention of cruelty to children is to launch an investigation into one English based parent. After she attempted to shoot her son with a bow and arrow. Shocking video footage reveals the English parent shooting an arrow at her son, execution style.

The footage of this shocking incident has been posted on YouTube. With one comment saying “Gangsta.” Another comment says “I am happy she is not my mum”

In scenes that have horrified children’s rights campaigners, the bow and arrow mum can be seen standing on her hands and using her feet to shoot the bow and arrow.

As the mummy has a very nice bottom, Luckily for the boy, the arrow misses his head and hits a giant piece of white foam. Children’s rights campaigners are saying the boy was lucky. But what about next time. One senior government official has said “This is a Circus, not England”