It’s So Cold In Canada That People Are Posting Photos Of Their Windows Breaking

The continent of North America is already very cold where Canada is called “The lady of snow”. This year America and Canada have experienced the lowest temperatures in the decades and making the inhabitants freak out. When people ask me that how do you survive in -20C, I tell them that this temperature is bearable but when it is below -30C we really have to take measures to protect ourselves from frost bites.

Now is the time to show you the most chilling photos ever taken by the people of America and Canada in this damn freezing winter. These pictures are jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and will give you goosebumps for sure. CAUTION: Readers, wrap up yourself in a warm blanket before going down because you might freeze till you get at the end of this post!

#1. The hardcore fans of Bills

windows cracked

Hats off to these people who left their cozy and warm home in chilling winter and watched their favourite Buffalo Bills. Don’t freak out viewers, these people are at least wearing warm boots and jackets that protect them in temperatures below -30C. But sitting on snow benches gives me goosebumps!

#2. This fire hydrant which is helplessly frozen

windows cracked

Are you shivering while watching it? I wonder how things will catch fire in such cold, and if anything does, how the fire brigades are going to spray water which will freeze right after coming out from the nozzle.

#3. New York City covered with snow

windows cracked

Doesn’t it look like a postcard which people away from North America admire looking at this white beauty of snow? It looks so serene, so beautiful and bright white!

#4. Even dogs are cold

windows cracked

Nature has given a warm fur to the animals to protect themselves in winters. But this winter has given chills to dogs and cats too that they also need to wear warm man-made jackets!

#5. Solid frozen Lighthouse and pier

windows cracked

Somebody took this shot while travelling to St. Joseph Michigan and found this amazing frozen site. Looks like nature has carved the lighthouse intricately with snow which made some complicated yet beautiful patterns.

#6. Frozen man!

windows cracked

This man is alive! Yet his eyebrows, lashes, beard, and moustaches are frozen, he is still alive! I know you must be wondering how one can survive when living in a freezer. How their skin doesn’t freeze? Let me tell you, everything stands at an ambient temperature, the real feel is sometimes lower than the air temperature.