New X Factor Judge Revealed. You Will Be Amazed By Who This Is?

Simon Cowell has revealed his latest signing. Simon Cowell 56. Who is the man behind global sensations such as the television singing contests The X Factor and Britons got talent.. Has revealed who his next judge will be.

“I love this kid.” He said, she understands music and is a great critic. I found her on YouTube and she gets it.”

The Kid Cowell is talking about is a 4-month-old baby. This tiny toddler internet sensation. Came to fame when footage was released showing the baby burst into tears and screaming like a baby. Every time her mother started to sing.

“I am not surprised the baby was crying. After hearing the baby’s mother sing. I also started to cry. I can not believe she has just signed a record deal with Sony, she stinks worse than the babies nappy.” Said Cowell, a man who is more English than bad teeth and baked beans.

The baby music critic has been causing a stir. In one recent X Factor audition in Manchester England. The baby critic was so mad with one contestant. She pooped her pants and was sick on the table.

“The baby is great” declared Cowell. “Considering she is only 3 months old. She really understands the music industry. And she is a real rock star.”

The baby music critic does not hold back. During one audition the baby screamed until the contestant stopped singing. When the bad singing stopped. The baby stopped screaming. This baby talent spotter is going to be a real hit with viewers. The new season of The X Factor can be seen later this year.

P.S- This is a satire article.