15 Iconic Places Where Photography Is Strictly Prohibited

Most of the youngsters nowadays have a passion for photography, including me! Whenever I see any mesmerizing view, be it a scenic beauty or an incredible architectural building, I can’t resist myself to grab my camera and capture the view. It feels awesome when you are back from that place and have a look again at that picture to revive your memory when you were there.

This goes best with the tourists who travel with their camera and keep clicking on their way. Imagine what it feels like when there is a sign of “No Photography” on the most iconic places? I can feel the pain, as it is really difficult to resist yourself from saving that beautiful scene in your camera.

These 10 amazing places do not allow photographers to take pictures and the reason for prohibition varies. From orthodox notions to religious views, and from privacy norms to scientific backings.

#1. Red Light District, Amsterdam

Places Where Photography Is Strictly Prohibited

This infamous red-light district in Amsterdam does not allow anybody to take pictures there. If anybody was seen taking pictures without permission, their cameras were snatched and broken. So, be aware! Taking photos there is forbidden there also because it is highly disrespectful to capture pictures of the brothel and the prostitutes and post it on social media.

Most of the girls want their privacy to be secured and don’t want to be seen on the internet for the rest of their life. Tourists are also warned to respect the privacy of customers in the red-light district.

#2. Taj Mahal, India

Places Where Photography Is Strictly Prohibited

This iconic architecture of Taj Mahal is included in the seven wonders of the world. Many tourists visit this monument and capture its exterior beauty in their camera, but sadly, photography inside it is not allowed. There is a complete list of Do’s and Dont’s on the official website of Taj Mahal which should be checked out thoroughly when planning to visit there.

The officials may allow the camera inside after a security check, but mobile phones, video cameras and extra batteries are strictly banned inside. It is important to maintain the tight security of Taj Mahal also because it is a place of worship for many.

#3. Bachkovo Monastery, Bulgaria

Places Where Photography Is Strictly Prohibited

This place was built over a thousand years ago along with other Eastern orthodox structures. In Bulgaria, it is the second largest monastery that does not allow photography. This place also has an icon of the Virgin Mary which is said to work miraculously for the devotees.

The village of Bachkovo is located next to the river and looks so delightful. This place is also great for local shopping as you will find many craft stalls on the road up. Many tourists have written their reviews about the church of Bachkovo Monastery which is beautiful from inside, saying they were not allowed to take photographs inside the church.