Remember Rebecca Black? Well She’s Back And Sassier Than Ever!

Remember Rebecca Black? Well She’s Back And Sassier Than Ever?

Do any of you remember Rebecca Black? She sang that song that inspired a whole series of gifs and memes back in 2011…

Sorry for putting the repetitive chorus of Friday in your head for the rest of the day, but it just had to be done! Rebecca herself certainly didn’t want you guys remembering that song, because she deleted it off YouTube. A few dedicated fans have put the video back up, to remind us of the good ol’ days… But what is she up to now?

Well, since the release of Friday, Saturday, My Moment and Person of Interest, Rebecca faced a lot of backlash, as many of you will remember. It wasn’t just the memes and the gifs, but actual cyberbullying too. You have to remember that Rebecca was only 13 years old when Friday came out, and the comments about her singing and her weight hit her hard. As she pointed out to Rolling Stone Online, “I’d be lying if I said I was totally over the Friday stuff and that is doesn’t affect me. When you’re 13, and you get so many people calling you ugly, fat, terrible, that will affect you.”

Good moooorning LA ⛅️

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At the age of 16, Rebecca started her YouTube channel. After a lonely 3 years being homeschooled and almost in hiding, she started reaching out to Youtube creators via social media and that is when her channel was born. Rebecca also continued singing, and received more vocal training. She now has 1.3million subscribers, and her channel covers everything from music reviews, to covers, to even baking! She documents her daily life, her loves, and her hates through her channel.

Such a cool place to stay this week….A studio to make some 🎶🎶🎶 in 3 steps from my bed ☺️#musicstartshere #needmusicagency @comfortkarljohan

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Last year, Rebecca revealed a fresh start in her pop career with her new song, The Great Divide, which made its way to number 24 in Billboard’s Charts. People were amazed at her voice, and also how stunning she looked – what a brilliant way to make a comeback!

…can you guess what I'm thinking? 💭

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Since then, she has released 80s-inspired track, Foolish and more recently, at the end of August 2017, Heart Full of Scars, a sassy, unapologetic track about her not being knocked back by negativity. A track for those who tore her down in 2011 perhaps? We can’t wait to hear the E.P!