10 Real Startling Images Of The Titanic Disaster Guaranteed To Give You Chills

You must have heard about the heart-wrenching story of the huge British passenger liner, the RMS Titanic. During its first voyage, it collided with a gigantic iceberg and sank into the North Atlantic ocean on April 15, 1912. There were over 1,500 fatalities in this one of the largest maritime disastrous crash.

The superb depiction of this awful disaster was done by Hollywood in the movie “Titanic” starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. We have collected 10 real images of the RMS Titanic, from its making to its crash, that is going to startle your mind for sure.

#1. The incredible construction of the RMS Titanic

Real Images Of The Titanic Disaster

This great post-construction shot of Titanic was taken just before its launch for the first voyage in Belfast Harbour, a part of the Harland and Wolff shipyard, on Queen’s Island. The Island is now more famous as the Titanic Quarter.

#2. Trailing of the Titanic into the sea

Real Images Of The Titanic Disaster

Among many other sea trials of Titanic, this trial took place specifically on April 2, 1912. A massive crowd was gathered to witness this huge seacraft accomplishing the last few testings of it in the water.