10 Of The Best Beards From 2017 World Beard And Mustache Championship

Well, in case you didn’t know there is a World Beard and Mustache Championship and it is at fun as it sounds. Beards and mustaches were never just a facial hair that we’re just too lazy to shave. They represent a character, a style, and most importantly women love it!

Maybe not all women, but some of them are going crazy for men with fancy beards. The whole championship sounds new and something that people from 2017 could’ve invented, but that is not the truth.

People are picking the best beard and mustache of the year since 1990. The compilation you’re about to see sums up the 2017 beard and mustache World championship.

1. His entire ensemble is perfect.

2. How long would this take to do?

3. His beard looks surprised

4. Less is always more!

5. Looks a bit like pretzels…

6. Hope the chest hair is not real!

7. This would keep you warm in the winter!

8. Very octopussy!

9. Just chilling…

10. He forgot to do the eyebrow.