Exclusive Interview With the Cat Who Likes to Travel in a Backpack

Gerald, the cat comes from a famous family. His grandfather was Tom. The star of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. His father was Garfield, the cat made famous for eating Lasagna. Gerald’s mother got hit by a fast moving bus when he was just a kitten.

Gerald the cat is a travel blogger. Travel bloggers are a big problem in Asia. The purpose of being a travel blogger is to write in the most arrogant tone possible, about how good life is. While sitting on a tropical beach and spending your parents money.

I met this traveling pussy they call Gerald in Bali Indonesia. Bali is a well-known destination for the unemployed, under skilled. trust fund children they call travel bloggers. This felt like the perfect place to let the cat out of the bag and say “Hello Kitty.”

It was lucky for me that the rucksack traveling kitty was happy to take a ten-minute break from its iced latte and Mac Book Pro and give me an exclusive interview.

1. Hello kitty How did you find your self in Bali?

I had some sensitive items after a recent visit to Manali India. I jumped in a backpackers rucksack and here I am in Bali. Many years ago I decided traveling in other peoples rucksacks was the most economical way to travel.

2. How did you become a travel blogger?

I have no skills, no job and a trust fund the size of a small country. What else was I going to do? Blog about food?

3. Why didn’t you follow the family tradition and become a cartoon actor?

I tried, I went to acting class. My father Garfield got me some auditions. But it became clear to me I could not act. I signed a one album record deal with Sony. But I can not sing. The only door open to me in show business was animated porn. I could not do it, even with Viagra. It turns out I have no talent. So I became a travel blogger.

Then the interview was over. Gerald packed up his Mac Book Pro finished his iced latte and jumped into the rucksack of a passing tourist. Who knows where Gerald the rucksack traveling kitty is now. He is probably on to his next adventure, goodbye kitty.