This Nerdy Japanese Girl Is Taking Drumming to the Next Level

A nerdy Japanese girl has taken drumming, being a nerd and being a girl to the next level. Exclusive YouTube footage shows this girl is not only a drummer but the worlds biggest super nerd.

The Japanese chick with sticks is young enough to put a grown man in jail. The most refreshing thing about seeing this young Japanese girl go crazy on a drum kit. Is that, she is not wearing a school uniform.

One YouTube poster commented.

After years of internet research into Japanese culture. This is the first Japanese girl I have seen not wearing a school uniform.

The super nerd with sticks is so talented she manages to use her drum sticks to eat seven bowls of Sushi as she drums. She even adds to her super nerd credentials by drumming out the names for the entire cast of Game Of Thrones. It what can only be described as a drumming master class.

She rocks so much that super group Metallica are already in conversations with her agent Mr. Miyagi. About the girl playing on their upcoming US tour.

I spoke to this drumming sensation who is such a nerd she only communicates through the use of quotes from Star Trek The Next Generation. I asked her if she could drum more quickly. The reply I received was in the fictional Star Trek language Klingon. I believe a rough translation is “Yes.”

I spoke to her manager Mr. Miyagi about her upcoming tour with Metallica. I asked him how he found this drumming sensation. “After the Karate kid got old I needed a new gig and this chick rocks. I found her on the internet (wink)”

This super star super nerd drummer who only communicates using Star Trek quotes is touring with Metallica this summer. I suggest you go and see her and don’t forget the sushi.