This Is How It Looks Like When Women Make The First Move

Love is not all about who will have the courage to make the first move. Yes, it is a tradition for men to make the first move. After all, we still believe that gentlemen exist out there. But it’s definitely not against the rules for women to break the ice. It is not common, but maybe it should be?

Because men are shy, and they always seem to have lack of confidence. But there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to who should make the first move. We can all form an opinion based on our experience.

But it is fun to see how surprised men are when women make the first move!

1. So far so good! 

2. A legit and good ‘Missed Connection’ that plays out.

3. That was a super polite reaction… 

4. What an arsehole, can’t even be human enough to turn her down politely!

5. Yes, yes, yes…

6. Will you be on the menu? Smart move!

7. Damn….. Direct…

8. That’s how is done! 

9. Ouch…..

10. Too fast..

11. At least he was polite.