This Maldives Ranagli Hotel Launches “Instagram Butlers”; For Your Perfect Vacation Pictures

Don’t you hate it when you KNOW something would make a great Instagram pic, but you can’t get the right angle? Or maybe the lighting isn’t right? Or are there too many tourists in the way?

Well now, when you stay at Conrad Maldives Ranagli Hotel, you can get your very own Insta-butler. Yes, this is a thing!

The Insta-butler team is made up of 5 members of staff who have their own favorite spots and take guests on a personalized “Insta-trail” to help them find the most photogenic spots at the resort.

The staff told Daily Mail Australia, “‘Living and working on the island, they know the grounds best and they each have a favorite spot on the island. The InstaTrail is a compilation of the team’s favorites”. The result? A pretty gorgeous Insta feed!

Guests can even take yoga classes and learn which poses are the most photogenic… and then try to replicate them in a dreamy shot!

Or if you aren’t that flexible, then a cute couples pic will do the trick!

The butlers have been trialled with influencers and bloggers throughout the year to make sure your feed can be even more aesthetically-pleasing as theirs.

What do you think of this initiative? Is it a great idea or is it going too far? Do you need someone’s help to take an epic shot? Be sure to let us know in the comments!