Flight Gets Delayed After Woman Throws Coins In Plane’s Engine… For Good Luck. #LMAO

Everyone has wished for luck here and there. Whether it be at a wishing well, a fountain, or a job interview, we’ve all followed some superstition to try and ensure that some good luck finally comes our way. Some people’s superstitions come in different from the usual though and can really leave you scratching your head.

One elderly woman just gave everyone at the airport a real scare when she decided to bless her plane for good luck by throwing a handful of coins into the plane’s engine as she walked past on the tarmac.

Another passenger got alarmed by the behavior and called security who cleared the area and had to inspect the plane. Since they also have to inspect the engine to remove any coins, it took hours for the plane to be cleared and the plane to be reloaded.

The airport in Shanghai interviewed the eighty-year-old woman to see what her intentions were when she committed the act and she replied that she threw the coins and “prayed for safety” so they would have a smooth journey as she is Buddhist.

It wouldn’t be too smooth if one of those coins got lodged in the engine though, would it? They found that only one of the nine coins she chunked lodged itself into the engine and the rest fell out. The police definitely responded to the incident though and ensured that there were not terroristic threats.

Surprisingly, she was travelling with her husband, daughter and son-in-law and NOT ONE of them stopped her. Science says that even if the coins had caused the engine to go out, the plane would have glided for a long time before hopefully coming to an open field or empty runway.

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