Mailman Delivers Package, But Wasn’t Expecting To Drop It In The Worst Place Ever!

Experiences with the postal service range from neutral to absolutely horrendous. Lost packages, broken items, mail sent to the wrong house – everyone has their own horror story when it comes to trouble getting their mail. Sam Cooke, however, has a slightly better story when it comes to his mail carrier.

Well – it’s a bittersweet story, at the very least. One very dedicated mail carrier thought that he was doing the right thing by pushing Cooke’s package through an open window in his apartment. Sounds all well and good, right?

Packages get stolen by all kinds of mischievous teenagers or greedy passers by. The mailman thought he was doing the right thing by making sure the package got into the house unharmed.

Unfortunately … the window that he pushed it through turned out to be the bathroom. And the package plunked right into the toilet. When Cooke came home, he found both a note from the mail carrier as well as his package soaked in the toilet.

When he went to Twitter with the story, things were a little bit better than they seemed, though. The mail carrier came to personally apologize for the mishap, and Cooke wasn’t fussed about the whole thing at all. They might have even come to be friends! At the very least, Cooke said that he was going to tell the mail carrier that he had nothing to apologize for.

How was he to know that the window was going to lead to an open toilet? He was just trying to do his job! He could have just left the package and run, but he even left a note explaining what had happened. That’s better than a lot of people would do.

And while you may have had an unpleasant experience with your packages getting lost, at least it didn’t fall in the toilet.

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