With Just A Packet Of Szechuan Sauce, This Woman Actually Bought A Car.

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, you’ve probably already heard about the promotional Szechuan sauce that they had available for one day. McDonald’s, unfortunately, has no idea how dedicated Rick and Morty fans could possibly be.

After waiting in line for hours and driving from their homes, everyone was furious to discover that McDonald’s only had 20 sauces per location. So, only the first 20 people were lucky enough to get their hands on the promotional sauce, which has first debuted as a promotion for Mulan back in the 90s.

One of those lucky people was 23 year old Rachel Marie. Marie was always a fan of the show, and had decided to try her luck at getting some of the sauce when McDonald’s announced the promotion.

She went, managed to get there in line earlier enough, and snagged one of the 20 available sauces. While everyone else was suffering their losses, Rachel Marie decided that she was about to turn her win around. Instead of eating the sauce, she decided to see what she could get for it.

Initially, Marie posted a picture of the sauce in a pin trading group. While the pins were pretty cool, she knew that she could probably get more for it. Since she was a fan of Rick and Morty, she probably already knew how obsessive they could get. So, she decided to trade her single packet of Szechuan sauce for a car. And boy, did she.

Marie managed to get herself a nice 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4. Supposedly, the man who traded her for the sauce had a second car and was also a dedicated fan of the show. If you ask me, a packet of promotional sauce for a car is kind of an uneven trade. But who knows, maybe the guy sold it on EBay to even more dedicated fans than himself.

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