Man Thought He Had To Amputate His Foot, Then Wife Tells Him What She Did!

Our significant others can sometimes do things that drive us up a wall. Whether it’s leaving the clothes on the floor or forgetting to do the dishes – whatever it is, the things can be frustrating to deal with. Still, we love them anyway!

One man had the bonds of his relationship tested when his girlfriend accidentally made him think that he was going to have to lob off his whole foot. Okay, bear with him now. It wasn’t entirely her fault, but it was definitely something that could have been avoided.

On man from Britain had put on his socks and shoes like any other day. When he took his sock off, he found that his foot was suddenly disgustingly brown.

It looked like his skin had just changed a different color over the course of the day. It got to the point where the poor dude thought that he had some kind of disease and that his foot was about to fall off. Turns out, it was actually just his girlfriend.

She had apparently used his sock for fake tanning and had forgotten to tell him about it. Thus, resulting in the man sticking his foot in a sock that was already coated with fake tan. The poor guy is probably going to have to work pretty hard to get it out of his skin.

His foot will probably be destined to look diseased or extremely dirty for the next week or so. The photos went viral, and have inspired people to post their own fake tanning mishaps, including one girl who got the logo of her leggings imprinted in her skin after she went to work out too soon after fake tanning.

Luckily, everyone’s foot is healthy and normal, and no one has to get amputated. But, it does make for a funny story.

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