Beauty Blogger Comes Out With A New Beauty Trend… But It Backfires Right In Her Face

The internet – and Youtube specifically – is the best place to find all of the up and coming beauty trends. It’s also a great place to find the weirdest and strangest beauty trends from all over the world. Have you heard that nose hair is coming back in style? No?

Well, good – it’s not, but one beauty youtuber from Essex, by the name of Sophie, thought she would have a little fun with her youtube channel and post a video of herself doing nose hair extension tutorials. It’s easy, just stick a few false lashes up your nose and you’re golden!

Beauty Blogger Comes Out With A New Beauty Trend

Sophie, who is well known for her love of glitter trends, thought that the video would be just a one off little joke. Unfortunately, some of Sophie’s loyal watchers didn’t really see the humor in it.

How could you not laugh at a pretty girl with nose hair hanging out of her nostril? Well, these folks just didn’t understand a bit of good, dirty humor. Sophie gave up her job doing social media to become a full time beauty vlogger, and she’s been making videos for around three years.

Beauty Blogger Comes Out With A New Beauty Trend

Apparently, the people who responded to her latest nose hair video didn’t get the memo that Youtubing is supposed to be fun. Still, Sophie says that a lot of the response to her video was positive. Plenty of people got the joke and had a great time with it. Those who didn’t and decided to let Sophie know, in more insults terms, have been otherwise ignored.

No need to feed the trolls, after all. Sophie is always keeping an eye out for the latest beauty trends, but she’s pretty sure that nose hairs aren’t going to be the next big thing. If the responses to her video is any indication, nose hairs are going to be out of style for a long, long time.

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