Woman Dropped Future Mother-In-Law’s Jaw After Accidentally Sending Her This Message!

Usually, technology is designed to make our lives easier. But we’ve all had some technology malfunctions that have left us a couple of steps back from where it was supposed to take us! One woman tried to use her phone “do not disturb” feature to help her ward off her friends while studying.

Unfortunately, that more than backfired. Like, it backfired so bad you could smell the smoke. The do not disturb feature on the phone allows you to send an automated text message to whoever is texting you while the feature is on. 20 year old student, Aiman, decided to set a funny automated message up for her friends to receive if they tried to text her while she was studying.

The message read “im studying leave me tf alone”. “Tf alone”, of course, standing for “the f*** alone”. This probably would have made her friends laugh and been an otherwise harmless feat of technology … except her fiancé’s mother ended up texting her a sweet message to see if she wanted any cold medicine and to see how she was feeling from her recent bout of illness.

Imagine texting someone to see how they’re feeling and getting a rude message in response!

Thankfully, do not disturb informs the people getting the message that it is automated, and how to get through to the person if it’s an urgent message. Aiman was completely mortified, as anyone probably would be. She quickly texted back her future mother in law with embarrassed apologies.

Luckily, her fiancé’s mother was a good sport about the whole thing. Aiman put up the text exchange on Twitter and the whole thing went viral. People love laughing at everyone else’s misfortune, after all. Best of all, even after telling her fiancé’s mother to f*** off, the wedding is still on! Now, that’s love.

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