20 Unfortunate Photos For a Staggering Monday Morning

There are days when you feel like you’re the most unlucky person in the world. Nothing seems to go right. It’s one of those times you wish never happened. Don’t worry because you’re not the only one who’ve been there. Here are 20 photos shared by people who have no lucky stars to thank.

#20. When everybody wants the aisle seat

#19. Dogs aren’t really man’s best friends

#18. The drain isn’t really helping

#17. Not exactly user-friendly

#16. When you get an unlucky number

#15. Which floor?

#14. You’re deprived of your favorite filling

#13. Getting a holey bread

#12. The good stuff’s gone

#11. A bad tasting habit

#10. A faucet without a sink

#9. Wash a finger at a time

#8. The useless sink

#7. Blame it on the architect

#6. Cute or gross?

#5. Not enough room for one more

#4. Not a safe place to leave your bike

#3. Care to sit in here?

#2. Wet hands and toilet paper combo

#1. Just when you thought you’re lucky to have that window seat

How about you? Have you experienced days when nothing seems to go right? Very annoying but let’s face it. It’s part of life.