Parents Place An Ad On Craigslist After Their ‘Doofy Son’ Forgot Where He Parked His Car!

Parking your car can be such a drag, especially when you can’t find a convenient parking spot. If you’re struggling to find a spot close to where you’re trying to go, you’re probably not going to remember when you parked your car afterward. Most people only make that mistake once, thankfully.

Some people make the mistake worse than others, though. If you’ve ever felt dumb about losing your car in the parking garage, be thankful that you’re not one nineteen year old Gavin Strickland. Before a Metallic concert, Gavin couldn’t seem to find a parking place close to the venue, Toronto’s Rogers Center, because of the traffic.

Parents Place An Ad On Craigslist

So, being the inventive nineteen year old that he is, Gavin went ahead and parked at a parking garage a few miles away and took a cab to the concert. This would have been a pretty smart move … if Gavin hadn’t completely forgotten where he parked the car. He searched high and low for the mysterious parking garage, but couldn’t seem to find hide nor hair. Finally, he gave up and took a greyhound bus back home.

Parents Place An Ad On Craigslist

Thankfully, his parents are just as inventive as he is. They decide to turn to craigslist to see if anyone could help them and their “doofy son” find where he had left the car. They even offered a $100 reward to anyone who could help them track down the disappearing car. Gavin did manage to remember a few key landmarks about the area that he had parked it.

That was enough for escape room enthusiast Madison Riddolls to track down the missing Nissan after she saw the ad posted on craigslist.

Parents Place An Ad On Craigslist

Craigslist, you have saved the day – I would say again, but I’m not sure if craigslist has ever saved the day before. Either way, craigslist has proven surprisingly useful this time around for the Stricklands and their “doofy” son.

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