Woman Receives Creepy Note From Stranger… Nightmares Are Made Of This.

Plenty of people have worked up the courage to hit on someone in public, either at a bar or a grocery store, or even just in a coffee shop. There’s entire movies constructed around the meetcute trope of being complimented in public and falling in love with the courageous stranger.

Unfortunately, this particular man seems to be misunderstanding the entire trope and going way too far. Otherwise unknown, this man seems to strike areas of Middlesbrough. Women have reported being handed a note by an anonymous man while they’re out and about.

One woman describes how the man had told her she had dropped something, and then handed her the folded note. The note describe how the man would like to have a “Private Arrangement” with her … “If you understand my meaning.” He also leaves his contact information.

So, basically, he’s trying to solicit strange women for money. The note is pre-typed, and he apparently hands them out to any woman that he finds attractive. Other women report just being handed the piece of paper apropos of nothing while the man just walks away. If this guy is expecting this to work, he probably has a whole different thing coming or him.

The women that he’s solicited for his “Private £Arrangement” have all said that the notes made them feel extremely squicked out. No one seems to be enjoying the so-called compliments that he’s been handing out.

Apparently, he’s just a single guy who doesn’t have time for a girlfriend or the money to hire an actual escort. He would probably have better luck if he tried to buy some ladies at the bar a drink.

No one is sure if the notes he’s handing out are actually illegal, though they’re probably considered some form of street harassment by the women who aren’t interested in being offered one of his “£Arrangement”.

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