10 Brilliant And Yet Useless Product Designs That Are Totally Pointless

Beautiful design is what buying is all about. From cars, phones, clothes, it’s all about how we feel about certain object and the emotion it provokes. However, design is not always connected to value per say. The world is indeed full with beautifully designed products that are totally useless to us.

The key is to combine value and design in order to impress a group of people. The designs your’re about to see are useless, but beautiful.

And this is not a list of top 10 beautiful designed products who never made it. Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani had an idea to find the best way to annoy everyone with her creations.

#1. Nice touch with the light liquid in the dark mug & vice versa

#2. Just looking at this makes me uncomfortable

#3. How to lower salt intake…

#4. Perfect for that teapot though

#5. Great if you eat Legos

#6. Somehow makes me wanna insert a letter in this teapot. 

#7. Is this not just a stable door then?

#8. Excellent garden ornament

#9. It’s like a fork nunchuck!

#10. Uncomfortable champagne glasses