10 Favorite Gossip Girl Scenes Ever That Gave You OMG Moments

When we heard about a new drama we could sink our teeth into, our eyes lit up. You is a mix between two of our favorite series ever – Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. Funnily enough, it stars Shay Mitchell (Emily from PLL) and Penn Badgley (Dan from GG).

Then we started going down memory lane and thinking of our favorite scenes from Gossip Girl EVER! Here are our top 10 favorites! Let us warn you – there are some OMG moments!

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1. Chuck And Blair Do It In The Back Of A Limo

You didn’t think we were going to let this one slide did you? It was the start of a beautiful chemistry between Chuck and Blair, and they were one of the couples we really rooted for in the show.

2. Meeting Wild Georgina

She was completely crazy, and was the character everyone loved to hate, but she certainly spiced life up a bit for everyone! Remember when Blair got revenge? Brilliant!

3. When Serena Thought She Had Killed Someone

What a way to end season 1… that kept us all on our toes! It came as a shock to everyone, and everyone started wondering what Serena would look like in a jail jumpsuit…

4. When Chuck Turned Up To His Dad’s Funeral Drunk

We mean when his dad died the first time… confusing much? It was heartbreaking to see Chuck in such a state, and when he refused Blair’s support, it broke our hearts all the more!

5. That Threesome With Hilary Duff

It was one of the biggest OMG moments of the whole series… and if Hilary Duff wanted to get rid of the wholesome girl-next-door image, she certainly did a good job of it. She appeared in Season 3 of Gossip Girl as Olivia, his actress girlfriend, and she somehow ended up in a threesome with him and his best friend Vanessa.

6. Blair Spends The Night With Uncle Jack

We all hated Uncle Jack, he was such a creep, and when Chuck was willing to let Blair sleep with him to get the hotel back, everyone was outraged. It was a very controversial storyline, that made us cringe through every scene.

7. Jenny Sleeps With Chuck

Just before Chuck was about to propose to Blair, he had a one night stand with little Jenny Humphrey.. it pretty much went downhill from there! When Blair found out, things got explosive!

8. Serena’s Car Accident

When Serena had an affair with a married politician, Nate’s cousin in fact, it just so happened that after the news broke, she ended up in a car accident. Yes, another one! Things got pretty nasty!

9. Serena’s Identity Crisis

Serena went off in hiding after a bit of déjà vu. She was becoming her former self, and like at the beginning of season 1, she had disappeared off everyone’s radar. Turns out she was living as Sabrina with a new boyfriend! We can’t keep up!

10. Gossip Girl’s Identity

Of course this was going to be on the list, was it who you guys thought it was? Did you want it to be someone else? Let us know in the comments!