What This Chainsaw Artist Did To A Fallen Redwood Tree is Going to Shock You

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky is a chainsaw artist you can just imagine his joy and excitement upon seeing a falled redwood tree. To ordinary people like use, it may just look like any fallen tree but for this artist he sees more beyond its outside appearance.

Samudosky is from Gig Harbor, Washington.

He discovered his love for chainsaw art while on a snowboarding trip in Vermont.

He saw some wood carvings at the side of the road.

These inspired him to try his hands on chainsaw art.

In 1998, he started his own business, JMS Wood Sculpture.

He was even featured on Discovery Channel.

He likes to carve animals and Native American motifs.

So when he saw the fallen redwood tree, he started working on it right away.

This gigantic octopus is another work of art he can be very proud of.

Samudosky admitted that sometimes it takes years for him to finish a project but the long wait is always worth it.

Image copyright with www.jmswoodsculpture.com